Ferrer Hotels is a family hotel company founded in 1965 with its first establishment, the Ferrer Concord Hotel & Spa, located in the north of the island of Mallorca. From the beginning, we wanted to grow in number of clients, that meant opening new establishments and optimizing the seasons to the maximum, but always taking into account our main objective which is none other than the maximum satisfaction of our guests, which implies a permanent commitment towards the improvement of our services and all this with the maximum respect and protection of our environment. Today we have a company completely focused on the satisfaction of our customers, respect for the environment, and with establishments on the island of Mallorca and Menorca. At Ferrer Hotels we base our management on the following pillars:

· Distinguish ourselves through the treatment that we offer to our clients with the ultimate goal of making your stay a unique experience.
· The co-responsibility in the conservation, improvement, and respect for the environment, in order to provide a prosperous, sustainable and healthy environment.
· Care for the company's personnel, valuing it as a fundamental pillar for the development of our activity, respecting the fundamental human and worker rights and promoting equal opportunities.
· The promotion of a responsible tourism, which encompasses support for the community, culture and local traditions. For this, in Ferrer Hotels we assume the following commitments:
· The search for the satisfaction of our internal and external customers. Understand and anticipate your expectations and comply with the applicable requirements.
· Involve ourselves in a direct and committed way in the management of quality and environment of all products and services to achieve continuous improvement.
· Optimize all resources and energies by matching the efficient, responsible and sustainable management of our establishments with the satisfaction of our customers. Be efficient and effective in the services we provide.
· Adopt the necessary measures to reduce and prevent any contamination that might result from our activity.
· Comply with the current legislation and other agreed requirements.
· Retain talent in order to achieve organizational growth.
· Pay attention to the staff, motivating them through incentives, training and Ferrer Team social advantages, promoting a good transversal internal communication and supporting the conciliation of family and work life.
· Improve our external communication by involving stakeholders through different environmental actions and solidarity campaigns.
· Support the local community through different corporate social responsibility campaigns such as the promotion of sports and the donation of food, furniture, etc.
· Develop strategic alliances with the suppliers to be more competitive and sustainable.
· Continuously improve the Management System. This Policy serves as a reference framework for Ferrer Hotels, in order to establish the company's Quality, Environment and SR objectives.
Palma, 10th January 2022.
Esteban Xamena
Director General Ferrer Hotels


For Ferrer Hotels, maintaining our quality standards and achieving complete customer satisfaction while ensuring respect for our environment is essential. For this reason, we have an integrated management system for quality and the environment implemented in our central offices and in all our establishments. Our integrated management system is certified according to the following international standards:

- ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

- ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

- ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management

- ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management

These certifications are a guarantee of quality for our customers and respect for our environment for all interested parties (customers, employees, administrations, etc.). The centres that have these certificates are: Ferrer Janeiro Hotel & Spa. Ferrer Concord Hotel & Spa. Central offices.

Responsible Tourism

As reflected in our Quality, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy, at Ferrer Hotels we have made a commitment to our surroundings to minimise the impact of our activities on them, thus promoting Responsible Tourism with the environment, society and the people who work in the company.


Some of our latest environmental actions are, among others:
- The use of 100% renewable electricity. Since September 2017, at Ferrer Hotels we have been working solely and exclusively with electricity from renewable sources in each and every one of our hotels.
- Continuous investment in the modernisation of the facilities of our establishments in order to improve their energy efficiency, thereby reducing their consumption and, therefore, emissions into the atmosphere, as well as ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements. All this with the advice of our energy partner ENOVAM.
- Elimination of the use of single-use plastics in all our establishments. From 2020, we are working on the elimination of all single-use plastic utensils and packaging in all our hotels, replacing them with reusable ones or those made from recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials.


Ferrer Hotels participates in different social initiatives and collaborates with different non-profit organisations with the aim of achieving a fairer society, among others:
- Hoteles Amigos de UNICEF Spanish Committee Hotels Initiative. This is an initiative created in collaboration with various hotel companies to help children affected by the devastating effects of the climate crisis, such as droughts, heat waves, floods, storms, etc. .... If you want to help so that thousands of children can have access to drinking water, you can do so by donating €1 on your bill. Together we will help to alleviate the effects of climate change, which is dramatically affecting thousands of children around the world. Today, you can change the world while you sleep.
- Plugs for a new life. Fundación SEUR's flagship project, which has already helped 193 children through the recycling of plastic caps. This initiative has enabled more than €1,347,835 to be donated to help finance medical and orthopaedic treatments that are not covered, or only partially covered, by social security. But that's not all, because this initiative has already helped to recycle 7,665 tonnes of plastic caps, avoiding the emission of 9,600 tonnes of CO2, the main gas that causes climate change.


At Ferrer Hotels we understand that nothing of what we do would be possible without the people who work in our hotels and in our offices, which is why caring for them is one of our fundamental pillars. For this reason, we carry out the following actions:
- We respect the work-life balance of our employees.
- We work continuously to promote a corporate culture that favours respect, collaboration and equality of all the people who work at Ferrer Hotels.
- We offer discounts to our staff and their friends and family so that they can enjoy stays in the chain's establishments.

Adaptamos los puestos de trabajo a las necesidades actuales, incorporando medidas como las camas elevables, para hacer más cómoda y eficaz la limpieza de nuestras habitaciones (acción llevada a cabo con el apoyo de fondos europeos).